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11 Generations

The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

October 20, 2015-February 6, 2016


Mara Williams, the curator, invited me to participate in this drawing exhibit; I was given a 35’ wall and free reign. I’ve been curious about, and envious of, the various research based artist’s projects that have emerged and I was awaiting an opportunity to enter into one. The Connecticut Valley and Brattleboro area have been the home of my family for eleven generations, I decided to research this family and work on creating a wall drawing that would incorporate historical information and places, and would be based on my own research and walking to discover places and routes through which my grandfathers had passed. I was particularly interested in Quentin Stockwell who came to America in the 1640’s and eventually ended up being a settler in Deerfield where he was captured and marched to Canada in 1677. The challenge of the wall was to address historical information but to live as drawing.


The Mothers

  1. Abigail Bullard   1641-1730
  2. Elizabeth Weller   1680-1716
  3. Sarah Selden   1709-1785
  4. Dinah Fay   1743-1810
  5. Sally Harris   1779-1883!!
  6. Sarah F. Sargent   1811-1863
  7. Ellen Jane Nichols    1836-1909
  8. Laura Abigail Farnham   1863-1922
  9. Dorothy Wallace Stewart   1895-1978
  10. Marjorie Ann Werner   1923-1999
  11. Sarah Jane Mustin   1952-

11 Generations of Fathers

  1. Quentin Stockwell   1640-1715
  2. John Stockwell   1676-1755
  3. Abel Stockwell   1708-1777
  4. Perez Stockwell   1747-1777
  5. Arad Stockwell   1773-1856
  6. Benjamin Franklin Stockwell   1809-1878
  7. Frederick Franklin Stockwell   1837-1907
  8. Frederick Franklin Stockwell   1862-1934
  9. Howard Aubrey Stockwell   1893-1966
  10. Frederick Franklin Stockwell   1921-2001
  11. Craig Stewart Stockwell   1952-
11 Generations  at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, 2015

For a complete overview of this project as well as readings concerning the history of individuals visit this site: