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The Brooklyn Rail


Jutta Koether: Champrovent

The Brooklyn Rail, March 2014

Doug Ashford: Writings and Conversations

The Brooklyn Rail, March 2014


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Art New England



Sam Trioli/Tim Donovan: All That Can Be Done

Art New England Blog, April 2013

negation/nostalgia/love letter
Among From With
Andrew Witkin: Platform 11

Art New England Blog, April 2013

Ann Pibal: Swimming in the Ocean at Night

Art New England, January/February, 2013

Bernd Haussmann

Art New England Blog, January 24, 2013

In the Studio with Sonia Almeida

Art New England, September/October, 2012

Katherine Bradford

Art New England Blog, September, 2012

Altoon Sultan: A Studio Visit

Art New England, August 9, 2012

Nature Transformed:
Edward Burtynsky's Vermont Quarry Photographs in Context

Art New England, July/August 2012

Lesley Vance

Art New England, May/June 2012

Amy Stacey Curtis

Art New England, November/December 2012

Aidron Duckworth: Memory and Perception

Art New England, December/January 2009

Tricia Rose Burt: Be Fruitful and Multiply

Art New England, December/January 2009

Soo Sunny Park: Fractured Illumination

Art New England, June/July 2009

Kirsten Reynolds: A Former Mistake

Art New England, February/March 2009

Sean Scully: The Art of the Stripe

Art New England, December/January 2008

Ellen Hazera

Art New England, December/January 2009

Henry Freedman: An Art Historian's Circus

Art New England, Oct/Nov 2008

Alyson Shotz 2007 Saint-Gaudens Memorial Fellow

Art New England, October/November 2008

Fragments: Adam Blue

Art New England, August/September 2008

Even Odds: Chuck Holtzman

Art New England, August/September 2008

Lance Richbourg
American Icons: Paintings from the Baseball and Marilyn Monroe/Joe DiMaggio Series

Art New England, June/July 2008

Bert Yarborough: 
Heavenly Bodies and Other Attractions

Art New England, April/May 2008

Arthur Ganson: Kinetic Sculpture

Art New England, February/March 2008

Malcolm Wright

Art New England, February/March 2008

Hirsch Perlman: Photographs

Art New England, December/January 2007

Catherine Farish

Art New England, October/November 2007

Between Perception and Invention: 
Three Generations of Figurative Artists

Art New England, December/January 2006

McGraw, Drucker, Smuda

Art New England, December/January 2005

Young Mountain

Art New England, October/November 2005

Doug Trump: Recent Paintings

Art New England, December/January 2004

Jules Olitski: A Ten-Year Retrospective 1993-2003

Art New England, February/March 2004

Nothing Common

Art New England, December/January 2003

Richard Lethem

Art New England, April/May 2001

From Real to Ideal

Art New England, October/November 2001

Glee: Painting Now

Art New England, February/March 2001