Installation at PS 1

PS 1, New York City, 1980

17 sheets of 1/4" glass cut in two pieces using an averaging process to determine the curves. Erected in formed sand. 

This work was originally conceived of for a show in April 1979 at the Boston Center for the Arts called Poisson d'Avril (April Fools). It represented a leap of faith to undertake the expense and technical difficulty of cutting such large sheets of glass in smooth, even curves. First, a 6' by 3' piece was cut in one asymmetrical curve, then the two pieces were laid on the next piece of glass to be cut and the two lines traced with a marker. The next cut was the "averaged" curve that occurred between the first two curves, and so on. The piece was thus developed through simple conceptually based rules. In retrospect, this installation released deeply held feelings concerning the ending of a relationship that had been my first love, someone I had been with for ten years, ever since the age of 15. The work was then installed at PS 1, after which Alanna Heiss, the director, invited me to show at a special sculptural installation that PS 1 was providing for Art Expo NY at the Coliseum in March 1980. This small group sculpture show of the work of 8 Sculptors, included Louise Bourgeois, Mark DiSuvero, Jackie Ferrara, and Alan Saret. The final two installations of this work occurred at the Thorpe Intermedia Gallery in Sparkill, NY and finally in the Rubell collection. The work no longer exists.